Here are the nine best of the best lifehacks for summer

Fickle British weather notwithstanding, it really is that time of year again: summer is here.

The modern-day geniuses over at LifeHacker have teamed up with American Express to put together their best tips for getting the most out of the sunshine, whether you're at home or on holiday.

Check out their ideas below to get stuff done better and more simply this summer:

1. Use some sugar and a slice of lemon for a quick and easy face scrub

Mix some sugar and lemon juice together for an exfoliating scrub and use water to wash it off afterwards. Perfect if you're stuck on a long flight - plus it's guaranteed the flight attendant will have the ingredients.

2. Put your smartphone in an empty glass to amplify your alarm clock

No excuses for missing an early flight with this one.

3. Put teabags into shoes when packing your suitcase

The tea acts like a deodoriser to keep trainers and canvas shoes smelling fresh.

4. Use a clothes peg as a makeshift toothbrush holder

Hygenic and super easy.

5. If you're short of space in your make-up bag, mascara can double as eyeliner

Sweep a liner brush against the bristles of a mascara wand and voila! Liquid liner.

6. Fill up a water bottle half way, freeze it overnight, and top it up throughout the next day to have ice-cold water all day long

Perfect if you're out and about.

7. Use magazine holders to maximise space in the fridge

8. Use lemon when cooking fish to keep your barbecue cleaner for longer

A bed of lemon slices will not only flavour the fish, it'll stop it from sticking the grill.

9. Plump up flattened cushions by leaving them in the sun

Put them outside for an hour or two, flipping them over once, and they'll magically look good as new.

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