Here's a really simple way to save more money: you're welcome

Which sounds like a longer amount of time, 18 years or 6,570 days?

Chances are that even though they're both the same, you'll choose the first figure - that's because thinking about time in years makes it feel longer.

A new study in Psychological Science has found that people are far more likely to meet saving goals if you trick your brain into thinking about the future as now rather than, well, the future.

The best way to do that is to consider deadlines in terms of days instead of years - so retirement funds or savings for your kids don't get put off again and again.

“The simplified message that we learned in these studies is if the future doesn’t feel imminent, then, even if it’s important, people won’t start working on their goals,” Daphna Oyserman, co-author of the study and co-director of the USC Dornsife Mind and Society Center, told Time.

“If you see it as ‘today’ rather than on your calendar for sometime in the future, you’re not going to put it off.”

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