Here's a reminder of what David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn were up to in the 1980s

Today's date will likely go down as a trivial pursuit answer regarding significant British politicians.

Former prime minister David Cameron has resigned as MP for Witney, meaning his role in the House of Commons will end and a by-election will take place.

In addition, Jeremy Corbyn is celebrating a year in office as leader of the opposition.

Why David, there was no need for presents!

Jeremy Corbyn outside parliament in 1984 (Picture: BBC/Screengrab)

Now's as good a time as ever to draw some parallels to a year ago - Jeremy was the newly-elected Labour leader and made Cameron's political adversary.

We hadn't even Brexited yet.

At the time, people were sharing images of Corbyn being taken away by police at an anti-Apartheid protest in the 1980s and comparing them to those of David Cameron in his days as a member of the Bullingdon Club while at Oxford University.

Let's revisit that:

Oh, how times have changed in a year.

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