Here's how to never forget a name again

Are you pathologically incapable of remembering people's names, to the detriment of your personal relationships and social standing? Help is at hand.

Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit of ASAP Science have kindly put together these seven "mind hacks" to make sure you are not caught short again.

1. Pay attention

"Often you don't forget names because of a bad memory, it's just something that you need to focus on."

2. Repeat, repeat, repeat

If you say their name, it'll stick in your brain more.

3. Build association

"If you know someone else named Cindy, think about comparisons between the Cindy you just met and that Cindy and it will help you remember their name."

4. Mnemonics

"Bob is a slob, or Dale works in sales."

5. Spell it out

Get the person to spell out their name and while they are doing so picture the letters across their forehead.

6. Help others

When you are introducing yourself to people, try and give them clues to help them remember what your name is. For example, tell them something that rhymes with your name or spell it out for them.

7. Manipulation

If you see someone whose name you don't remember, don't panic. "Introduce someone else to them that you know very well. Chances are they will then cough up their name."

And there you have it.

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