Here's what the English language sounded like 500 years ago

Language is fluid, bae. It's always changing.

In fact, it shifts so frequently, differences can remain unseen/heard.

Just 12 months ago, we hadn't heard the term "on fleek". Those were simpler times.

Research shows the English language is evolving faster than ever, leaving an older generation trailing in the forgotten verbal dust.

But what happens when we go back further than, say, last year. How about 500 years ago? Can we comprehend our ancestors' tongue?

In short, absolutely not.

A Dutch University professor read aloud a political satire written 500 years ago by Englishman John Skelton, pronouncing each word as close to Middle English as possible.

Can you understand Speke Parott?

The video, originally published in 2014, comes complete with detailed lexical evaluation.

You can read them and the poem in full here.

H/T: Encurious

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