Boy playing hide and seek found six days later in a different country

Boy playing hide and seek found six days later in a different country

A 15-year-old boy's game of hide and seek went badly wrong when he wound up being discovered six days later and in a completely different country.

The teenager who has been identified only as Fahim, initially started the game in his home country of Bangladesh where he decided to hide in a shipping container.

What he didn't know though was that the container was about to be shipped off to Malaysia. Fahim had already nodded off and fallen asleep as the container was packed up and sent on its journey, leaving him stowed away without anyone else knowing he was there.

The container reported left Bangladesh on 11th January and didn't arrive in Malaysia's Port Klang until 17th January. During the whole ordeal, Fahim went without food and water despiting shouting for help.

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He was eventually found after officials in Malaysia heard knocking coming from the container which prompted the Marine Police Force, the Malaysian Immigration Department and the Klang District Health Department to open up the shipment and finally free him.

Footage of a disorientated and tired Farim emerging from the container has since been shared on Reddit. To make the matter even more confusing for Fahim he could not understand or speak the local language and was noticeably fatigued.

Although the authorities suspected that he had been the victim of human trafficking, there was no evidence of a crime taking place. He was soon taken to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah where he is in a stable condition.

In a statement home minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution said: "When the vessel arrived at Westport and the container was unloaded, authorities found the boy inside.

"He is the only one found inside the container. A police report has been lodged and the boy, who has a fever, was taken for a medical examination.

“We are now in the process of repatriating him. He was the only boy found inside the container. We are not linking this to human trafficking because the initial investigation found that he entered the container, fell asleep and (was transported to) Malaysia.”

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