This man is using GIFs to teach sign language and it's genius

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GIFs - millennials are accustomed to laughing at, sharing, and otherwise accessorising conversations with them.

But now, one man aims to utilise their hypnotic force for good.

Educational series actor and American Sign Language (ASL) consultant Robert DeMayo has created a series of GIFs called 'Sign with Robert'; to teach people sign language used by the deaf community.

The format of GIFs lends itself well to memorisation, as the looping means that you don't need to repeatedly go back to the beginning and play the clip again.

Moreover, the visual and kinetic elements of the GIF mean a more efficient method of learning each sign language movement, as opposed to a diagram in a book.

DeMayo's series, which consists of more than 2,000 GIFs and is disseminated via giphy, demonstrates simple words and phrases which were based on the most popularly searched words on the site.

They are divided into easy-to-use categories such as 'emotions', 'time', 'expressions' or 'transportation and travel'.

On his website, DeMayo also provides teaching resources and 10 educational DVDs available for streaming.

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