Hillary Clinton writes heartwarming letter to 8-year-old girl who lost class president election

Hillary Clinton writes heartwarming letter to 8-year-old girl who lost class president election

If there’s anyone who knows how to bounce back from a bruising election defeat, it’s Hillary Clinton.

That’s why she surprised 8-year-old Martha Kennedy Morales with a personal letter, consoling Martha after she lost her election for class president by a single vote.

Clinton, who was the first woman to be nominated as a presidential candidate for a major US political party, praised Martha for standing up in an election against boys.

She said:

While I know you may have been disappointed that you did not win President, I am so proud of you for deciding to run in the first place. As I know too well, it’s not easy when you stand up and put yourself in contention for a role that’s only been sought by boys.

The most important thing is that you fought for what you believed in, and that is always worth it. As you continue to learn and grow in the years ahead, never stop standing up for what is right and seeking opportunities to be a leader, and know that I am cheering you on for a future of great success.

After the letter was first reported, Clinton’s spokesperson Nick Merrill confirmed it was real.

There was a dramatic finale in Martha’s election, much like the controversial 2016 presidential contest, when six ballots were declared invalid because students had filled them out incorrectly.

Another vote was called, which Martha lost by a single vote to a “popular fourth-grade boy”.

She later went on to be elected class vice-president.

Clinton heard about the election through Democratic political activists who saw her father, Albert Morales, posting updates about the race on Facebook.

Morales said Martha was “excited and surprised that Hillary would take the time to write to her”.

Martha will have to wait until 2048 to run for president for real, as the US Constitution says only citizens over 35-years-old can be candidates.

Although Hillary Clinton has not completely ruled out running for president again in 2020, she seems to be enjoying her time away from politics.

Clinton and 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry were filmed dancing to Bollywood hits last week at a lavish wedding hosted by India's richest family.

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