Hillary Clinton took a cracking shot at Donald Trump, not only capitalising on current affairs but expertly employing the World Cup for maximum viral potential.

Clinton called into question Trumps's loyalties in the tweet, referring to the much-anticipated summit with Russian president Vladmir Putin in Helsinki today.

Her concerns echo that of many US officials who worry that Trump - who has an unprecedented habit of complimenting the Russian president - will be too soft on Putin.

The meeting comes just days after Robert Mueller charged a dozen Russian intelligence officers with hacking Democratic emails during the 2016 presidential election.

The summit is going ahead despite Congress, politicians and reportedly own Trump's advisors begging Trump to cancel.

Trump had previously posted a congratulatory tweet about Russia's hosting of the World Cup tournament.

People were down for Hillary's tweet.

Ahead of the conference, Trump claimed getting along Russia was "a good thing, not a bad thing", and added:

I really think the world wants to see us get along...

I think we can hopefully do something about that because it is not a positive force it is a negative force so we’ll be talking about that among other things.

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