13 things Trump has actually said about Vladimir Putin

Getty Images / MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV / Contributor

Donald Trump has left the UK with a storm of controversy, criticism and chaos in his wake.

Next stop, a summit with Vladmir Putin in Helsinki - bizarrely, a meeting that may prove less turbulent for the US president.

The president's meeting with Putin comes just days after Robert Mueller charged a dozen Russian intelligence officers with hacking Democratic emails during the 2016 presidential election.

The summit is going forward despite Congress, politicians and reportedly own Trump's advisors begging him to cancel.

Undeterred by her comedy-of-errors-eqsue meeting with Trump, Theresa May has urged Trump to push Putin on the Salisbury nerve agent attack. But she might not have much luck.

Trump is trigger-happy when it comes to firing off insults at pretty much anyone and not far off everyone - including the electoral process, Meryl Streep and the US Justice Department.

Likewise, his UK visit saw him criticise the prime minister's Brexit strategy, blast Sadiq Khan for being weak on terrorism and say Boris Johnson could be a "great prime minister" - all in an interview The Sun he later labelled as "fake news".

But Trump appears to show sudden and uncharacteristic restraint when it comes to criticising the Russian president, as these extraordinary Trump quotes about Putin show.

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