People share their best hotel hacks after man shows curtain trick

There are plenty of annoying things about staying in a hotel.

Yes, having someone clean up after you and bring room service to your bed is pretty awesome, but they're not without their flaws.

One of the most irritating things? Terrible curtains. If you've ever stayed in a hotel with poorly fitted drapes - a common issue with hotel rooms - then you'll probably have experienced being woken up in the morning by a sliver of light. Even those hotels with blackout curtains fall victim to the design flaw.

However, hotel guests no longer have to suffer, thanks to one man on Twitter who shared a simple but genius solution.

The tweet, which has been liked more than 114,000 times, has prompted others to share their own hotel hacks, which promise everything from free phone chargers to free water.

Here are some of the best hacks so far:

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