Housemates. You've got to love them (or they'll make your life hell).

When they're not making a mess or eating all your food they are plotting ridiculous pranks against you.

The cling filmed toilet and the prank call are tried and tested classics but we can well and truly say that we've never seen anything like this.

When the roommate of Twitter user @Deno-Tron announced that he was bringing home a date and asked for his room to be cleaned, his devious friend had other ideas.

He could have rearranged the room or left something foul under the bed but no, Deno had other, more sinister ideas.

We're not quite sure what to say.

Thom soon suspected that something might be afoot.

The original tweet has already received over 192,000 likes and has been retweeted 47,000 times.

It even gathered the attention of some well known faces and Internet celebrities.

Neville Southall there, completely unaware of what he was commenting on.

Others also chimed in:

We wonder what the reaction was like.

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