This is how Americans would be sorted into Hogwarts houses, and it's terrifying

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Ever since Harry Potter was released two decades ago, almost everyone who's engaged with the franchise has found themselves identifying themselves with one of the four Hogwarts houses.

For you muggles out there, it's pretty simple, in the first year of Hogwarts everyone is sorted into a house. They are one of the following: -

  • Gryffindor (for those who have courage, bravery, nerve and chivalry)
  • Hufflepuff (for those who value hard work, patience, justice and loyalty)
  • Ravenclaw (the geeks who are intelligent, creative and value learning and wit)
  • Slytherin (who aren't just evil, but ambitious, cunning, resourceful and good leaders).

There are lots of Harry Potter sorting hat quizzes on the internet. Those of us who's letter for Hogwarts got lost in the post can find out which table we'd be sitting at in the Great Hall by answering a bunch of what might seem are arbitrary questions.

TIME magazine went to the next level for Harry Potter's 20th Anniversary last month and teamed up with social scientists from Cambridge University to create a scientific-based sorting-hat quiz (which you can take here).

They've now released data showing how Americans fare, mapping the most popular house in each state.

Using data from 330,000 people TIME found that all the Slytherins are mostly found living in the south (shown in green), whereas Gryffindor's (red) are found on the west coast and Hawaii.

The east coast however is full of Ravenclaws (blue) and Hufflepuffs (yellow) are associated with the Midwest.

Head over to TIME's website to see a breakdown by state.

According toYouGov data, most Brits traits are closest to Hufflepuffs.

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