How Fiona Woolf's account of her links to Lord Brittan changed

Update: Fiona Woolf has now resigned

The woman leading the government's child abuse inquiry is facing fresh calls to stand down.

Fiona Woolf, the current Lord Mayor of London, has been accused of playing down her links with former home secretary Lord Brittan, who has denied being part of a paedophilia cover-up in the 1980s.

The first six drafts of an acceptance letter by Mrs Woolf have now been published, and critics say they show how the final version gave a "sense of greater detachment" between her and Lord Brittan.

Mrs Woolf was only brought in to head the inquiry after the original nominee Lady Butler-Sloss stepped down over her links to the establishment.

Fiona Woolf's accounts:

First draft: I first met with Lord Brittan in a personal capacity when I was invited by Lady Brittan to a dinner party hosted at their residence in 2008... I returned the compliment… at my residence about 6 months later. We engaged in another exchange of dinner parties after I was elected Sheriff of the City of London in 2011.

Final draft: I hosted two further dinner parties at my residence, where Lord and Lady Brittan were invited and attended along with other guests... City matters were a significant focus of the occasions.

First draft: I have had no social contact with [them] since about 2011 and… I am not in telephone contact with Lady Brittan.

Final draft: I have met Lady Brittan on a small number of occasions for coffee. The last… recorded was on 23 April 2013 at Lady Brittan’s residence.

First draft: I was introduced to Lady Brittan by a mutual acquaintance.

Final draft: I was introduced to Lady Brittan through a third party.

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