Picture: Louis Doré/CartoDB
Picture: Louis Doré/CartoDB

Do you remember when Scotland was a Labour stronghold?

Yeah. About that.

In Thursday's elections, Labour's constituency vote-share dropped 9.2 per cent compared to 2011. The party lost 13 seats, most of which were picked up by Ruth Davidson's Conservatives.

When you look at the constituency seat results since 1999, it makes for grim viewing for Labour supporters.

Obviously, the above maps do not take into account additional member seats.

Still though.

Speaking in Sheffield, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn reacted to the poor results with support:

I want to send this message to our party in Scotland - well done on the campaign you fought, well done on the determination you've shown. There is a lot of building to do in Scotland.

We will be with you, we will be walking hand-in-hand with the party in Scotland to build that support once again.

Picture: Chris Ratcliffe/Getty Images
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