This is how many calories sex burns

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For some people, sweating in a gym isn’t their favourite way to spend a Friday evening.

But, contrary to what we might think, exercise doesn’t have to be pure torture.

Remember sex? Well, technically, that burns calories too. And let’s be honest, the main reason to exercise in the first place is to enjoy pizza without the bitter taste of guilt.

But how many calories does sex actually burn?

Well, one study from the University of Montreal found that men burn 101 calories per 25-minute sesh, and women burn a very appropriate 69 calories. That’s about half the number of calories you’d burn running for one mile, the researchers found.

The paper concluded:

Sexual activity may potentially be considered, at times, as a significant exercise.

In this case, they found sex is about as calorie-burning as going for a walk. And the reason it was more of a workout for men than women, the researchers explained was because:

Men weigh more than women, and because of this, the energy expenditure will be higher in men for the same exercise performed.

But before you celebrate - another study found that men only burn 21 calories per six minutes of sex.

Although, it was conducted way back in 1984, and only involved men. So - as you were.

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