Trump doesn't seem to know how many states there are in America

Trump doesn't seem to know how many states there are in America

Remember when Trump didn't seem to know that there were 50 states in America?

That might sound like a stupid question but there seems to be no end to Trump's ignorance and you really can't take anything off the table anymore.

At a rally in Louisiana in November, long before Covid-19 put a stop to his rallies, the president made a comment that suggests he doesn’t know how many states there are.

When talking about the state’s performance for economic development, Trump first told supporters that Louisiana was doing “lousy” then downgraded his criticism.

He said:

Look, the whole country is doing great. We’re having a great great surge like we’ve never had in history.

Our country is the strongest it’s ever been. But you’re ranked number 50 on economic development. 

So you’re doing fine, but you’re not doing like you should be doing.

The obvious thing to point out here is that there are only 50 states so rather than “doing fine”, Louisiana literally could not do any worse.

It begs the question - has anyone asked Trump how many states there are recently?

Of course, he might just be arguing that because the whole country is supposedly doing brilliantly, even the worst state is still fine…

But isn’t it also possible that Trump has just forgotten the number of states in America?

*Face palms*

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