Here's how much homework is too much homework, according to science

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New research published in the Journal of Educational Psychology has discovered the best amount of homework to set in science and maths - and it's no more than 70 minutes per day.

To find this out psychologists looked at 7,725 public and private school students in Asturias, northern Spain. The students were given questionnaires about how often they did homework, and their answers were measured against their academic performance in maths and science.

Researchers found teachers assigned a little more than 70 minutes of homework a day, on average, and the students' performance tended to decline with anything over 100 minutes of work. Although there were small gains in academic performance from students who did 90 minutes of homework daily, lead author Javier Suarez-Alvarez said they were too marginal to warrant an extra two hours of homework a week.

"The data suggest that spending 60 minutes a day doing homework is a reasonable and effective time," he said.

"Our data indicate that it is not necessary to assign huge quantities of homework, but it is important that assignment is systematic and regular, with the aim of instilling work habits and promoting autonomous, self-regulated learning."

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