Here's how often it's 'normal' to have sex


Some of us like to share our life online – in some cases, this includes our relationship.

But while we might put out the odd #humblebrag about a romantic weekend away or surprise bunch of flowers, you’ll never read a tweet about how many times a couple got down and dirty that week.

And being in the dark about how often everyone else is at it can sometimes leave us wondering whether we’re normal. More specifically – if our sex lives are normal, or cause for concern.

New couples go through something called “limerence,” according to sex therapist Sari Cooper. She told Insider that the first two years of a relationship this is when your brain releases bonding chemicals. But just because you might be having lots of sex now, this isn’t a predictor for how often you’ll have sex once this period is over.

And when the dust settles? One study found that most people have sex around one a week – and those who had sex more than that weren’t necessarily any happier. But those who had sex less than once a week reported being less happy.

Michael Aaron, a sexologist, told Insider that he would put the average at twice per week – but that numbers don’t matter. He said:

I think focusing on frequency is detrimental since it adds unnecessary pressure. Most important is that both people get the kind of sex they want.

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