How ordinary Muslims are using humour to explain why they can't take on Isis

How ordinary Muslims are using humour to explain why they can't take on Isis

Following the atrocities in Paris last week, there have been increasing calls for ordinary Muslims around the world to"apologise" for the actions of Isis, or even "do more" to stop them altogether.

Exactly how or indeed why Muslims, the vast majority of whom living their lives in the West do so in the same way as Christians, Jews, Hindus and atheists alike, are meant to stop a marauding terror network with a warped ideology is not clear.

This debate has seen a growing frustration among ordinary Muslims - some of whom have taken out paid newspaper ads, revived the #NotInMyName campaign and seen their community leaders repeatedly denounce the group.

On Wednesday, a Facebook post by Kash Ali, a young British Muslim from the East Midlands, which epitomised this frustration, went viral.

His sentiment has been echoed by many others, including Twitter user @Farwzaz, who tweeted this on Wednesday:

And Amina, who tweeted this:

And law professor, Khaled Bey, who pondered:

Even Christians have pointed out the absurdity of asking people of faith to apologise for extremists:

Speaking to, Kash Ali explained that it had been heartwarming to see his message be shared so widely online:

I'm glad I've used the same social platform Isis are using to spread their hate and used it to spread a smile and laughter instead. Muslims are often viewed as a weird alien race but we can laugh and joke too as I showed hopefully.

While some may disagree with his use of humour on the topic, the 20-year-old was clear in how abhorrent it is that Isis poses under the banner of his faith to justify its actions:

I despise Isis and so should every other Muslim, they are all truly dogs and thugs masquerading behind my religion.

I think a lot of people don't realise how much Isis hurts us emotionally too, we Muslims follow the Prophet Muhammad's example to a tee and when Isis are doing the things they do and hiding behind my beloved prophet it absolutely sickens me.

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