8 ways to appear more attractive

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It’s a cruel fact of life that so-called 'attractive people' generally have an easier time. Being attractive can open doors normally closed to you, it can make you richer, healthier and allegedly more persuasive.

So it’s probably worth putting in a bit of effort to do the best with what we’ve got, and a Reddit thread is advising us on how.

First impressions


Good posture. You'd be surprised how much this makes you look better. It makes your belly look flatter and your chest bigger. It will also make you appear more confident!



Smile a little. Happy people are more attractive.



Be nice. I know a lot of physically attractive people that I find ugly because they are rude, annoying, or mean.


Good grooming


Go to a barber, and tell them "You're the professional, I have no idea what looks good on me".

They will do their best, and 9/10 times, will make you look damn good for your facial structure.



Can't stress how important eyebrows are. If your eyebrows look good, the rest of your face seems like it has its shit together too


Style and smell


Don't try to mimic someone else's style. Figure out what kind of clothes work for you and go with it. It will help you look more comfortable and relaxed which is extremely attractive. Don't just wear whatever is in "style" at the moment because that will make you seem fickle and easily impressionable.



I see so many people that underestimate how much just being clean and tidy can have on their overall appearance.

You've also got to make sure you don't smell like an ashtray, a gym bag, or that you bathe in cologne/perfume. Doesn't matter how good you look, an overpowering smell will knock your attractiveness level right into the ground.


And if that doesn’t work…


Take paper bag, place over head. It's worked wonders for me. I was an ugly son of a gun before, but now people hardly comment on it


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