Teenagers arrested after shocking video shows them demand black child 'kiss my shoe'

Two people have been arrested in connection with a viral video that appears to show a white teenager demand a black teenager "kiss my shoe" before slapping him.

A pair 17 year-old and 16 year-old youths, male and female, were filmed on Snapchat carrying out the abuse at a cricket club near Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

West Yorkshire police announced that they are holding the male, who appears to hit the victim and repeatedly demand he "get on the floor", on suspicion of racially aggravated common assault.

The male can also be heard saying:

No-one's going to back you.

Get on the floor and kiss my fresh Air Force 1s I paid £120 for. 

The female, who can be heard demanding "get on your knees" in the video, is being held on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence.

Several other white teenagers can be seen sitting around and laughing as the abuse took place at Holmfirth Cricket Club.

The victim was reportedly encouraged to go to the police by the parents of the alleged assailants.

The video sparked widespread outrage, particularly as it comes at time when thousands of people are protesting racist police brutality and supporting Black Lives Matter.

Later during the incident, a woman confronts the pair from a distance, shouting at them to "leave him alone".

But they appear to continue taunting him until he complies.

Police patrols have since been increased in the town.

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