Hundreds lose driving licences as Oktoberfest descends into e-scooter chaos

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It's not big and it's not clever, but many people have done it: had a few too many at the pub and realised we're cycling home.

Revellers at this year's Oktoberfest in Munich found out the hard way that it's also illegal to drink and scoot. 414 people were found to be drunk whilst riding, and 254 had their electric scooter licenses revoked after police found them to be SUTI. (Scooting Under The Influence, not an official term, but it should be).

Germany legalised e-scooters earlier this year, and as they count as a motorised vehicle, you need a license to drive one.

It seems the scooters proved something of a nuisance for the 16 day festival, with beer-addled customers leaving them all around the sites despite having to stay logged into the app whilst using them so police could see who had one at any given time.

Scooters have been proven dangerous if not operated properly, with people in danger of harming themselves in a collision, leading to thoughts on implementing a test in order to ride one.

In the mean time though, Twitter has seen the funny side.

Don't drink and scoot, guys.



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