The United States is bracing itself for the potential untold damage that Hurricane Florence will unleash on the east coast.

With the storm rapidly approaching North and South Carolina, the chance of destructive winds and flash floods destroying property and putting people in danger is very high.

Warnings about the storm have been reported for a number of weeks now, with The National Hurricane Centre predicting that waters could raise anywhere from 2 to 11 ft.

Although a 2D graphic is helpful, it doesn't really do much to visualise just how catastrophic a situation like this could be.

Luckily, The Weather Channel is here with their impressive special effects department to show you exactly what is likely to go down should these waters reach a 'worst case scenario'.

Several videos from the network featuring their metrologists on a virtual street surrounded by CGI water, cars and fish (yes, fish!) have been shared online and they really are something to behold.

These startling simulations are probably the best and scariest examples of how devastating a storm of this magnitude can be, beyond actual footage of the real thing.

The videos have since begun to circulate on social media and needless to say people are both terrified and completely amazed, particularly by the video featuring Erika Navarro.

The videos are proving so popular that other reporters are broadcasters are getting jealous of The Weather Channel's Hollywood-esque budget.


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