Seven inspiring acts of kindness during Hurricane Harvey

Seven inspiring acts of kindness during Hurricane Harvey

The good work emergency services and volunteers have undertaken so far in Houston, Texas is immeasurable.

Hurricane Harvey, now degraded to a tropical depression, has caused severe flooding in Houston, and taken the lives of 30 people.

Houston Police Department have reported that 3,000 persons have been rescued from flooding in their homes.

Uncountable acts of kindness and bravery have occurred since Harvey made landfall, but here are just seven of those amazing rescues.

Brandi Smith, a journalist for Houston news website KHOU, flagged down a rescue boat live on-air, and directed them to a truck trapped in what she described as 10 feet of water.

She alerted them just in time, as the driver's cab was filling with water.

Donating water

In an occurrence that almost seems poetically spiteful, dehydration and losing access to drinking to water is common during flooding.

The Anheuser-Busch brewing company, headquartered in Missouri, stopped it's beer production line, and put the factory to work creating water to send to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Rescuing Pets

Betty Walter and 21 dogs in her care were rescued by volunteers from Bay Area Pet Adoptions.

Loading the pooches into a single long boat, they were able to transport them to safety.

Walter and one of her rescuers William Todd Beasley posted photos of the rescue to Facebook,

Carrying the vulnerable to safety

Photos of members of the emergency services have dominated Twitter.

One image of Deputy Sheriff Johnson of the Harris County Sheriff's Office went viral, as a symbol of community.

CBS News also reported that Senior Citizens trapped in chest deep water, were also rescued from their care home.

The fifteen elderly persons were brought to the attention of the emergency services when Twitter user Timoth McIntosh shared a photo of them.

McIntosh' mother-in-law owns the nursing home in question.

CBS later shared a photo of the group after the rescue, safe and dry.

Furniture store converts to shelter

On Sunday, a huge furniture outlet in Houston, Gallery Furniture, opened its doors as an evacuation centre and shelter for residents made homeless by the floods.

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