These images being shared of Hurricane Harvey are all fake


There is an unfortunate trend of fake images being shared online in the wake of disasters.

They are usually shared for the sake of attention and retweets.

It's a shallow and quite frankly unforgivable act that was sadly prevalent after the Manchester terror attack in May.

Unfortunately this obsession has begun to rear it's ugly head again in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

The Texas city has been left flooded by the storm with fresh rainfall reaching at least 30 inches deep.

The Washington Postreport that at least five people have died as a result of the hurricane.

Despite this, fake images, supposedly taken in Houston have been popping up all over social media.

The most outrageous of these allegedly shows Houston Airport submerged underwater.

It was initially shared by the Twitter account Breaking News Live but they were soon criticised and deleted the image.

To make the situation even more embarrassing, photos from the actual airport have surfaced which show that it is completely dry inside but very cold.

Another picture, which always crops up whenever there is a flood is of a shark swimming down a highway next to a car.

This was also swiftly debunked as nothing but a hoax.

Finally, another image, which hasn't been as widely shared, shows how looters have exploited the chaos left by Harvey.

It was 100 percent no way linked to Houston and was also exposed as a lie.

If you do happen to see any questionable images from Houston on Twitter think about them before you decide to click the retweet button.

Consider the people that have lost their lives as a consequence of the flood and the thousands that have been made homeless.

Furthermore, the real images are far more shocking than anything someone could knock together on Photoshop.

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