Hurricane Laura just tore down a Confederate monument and people think it's symbolic

Hurricane Laura just tore down a Confederate monument and people think it's symbolic

No matter how humans like to delude ourselves, we’re still very much subject to the awesome power of nature.

Doesn’t matter how tall we build our skyscrapers; eventually the weather will grind them down, long after we’re gone.

And Hurricane Laura recently offered a little taste of this, by knocking down a Confederate monument in Louisiana.

But people aren’t exactly mourning its destruction.

Rather the opposite.

The statue was a monument to the Confederate South Defenders that had been the subject of fierce debate in recent weeks.

"When we think about this Confederate monument, it literally symbolises white supremacy and enslaved African Americans,” Cary Chavis, one of three people who started a petition to remove the statue, told KPLC in June.

“So we have this monument out in front of our courthouse, which is to be a place where people can see justice and fairness and we have a monument that represents slavery in front of it, and that's not something we should ever support”.

Despite the strength of feeling, the parish council of Lake Charles, Louisiana where the statue formerly stood, voted on 13 August to keep the monument in place.

Hurricane Laura had other plans however.

After the category four storm, which has tragically killed six people, ripped through Louisiana this week, residents of Lake Charles woke up on Thursday to find the statue had been toppled from its pedestal.

And people think it’s karma.

Others joked about the enduring determination to keep the monument against all signs to the contrary.

People began to consider what else wind power could do.

Suddenly, Hurricane Laura was being welcomed to the resistance for this one particular act of destruction.

And there was speculation that maybe this would kick Donald Trump’s climate change scepticism to the curb.

Well, the lord hath spoken.

So better not anger him by putting it back up, hmm?

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