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No matter who you live with, bathroom etiquette is always going to be a thorny issue.

From the soggy bath mat to the empty toilet roll which hasn't been changed, shared bathrooms can be a minefield to navigate without causing a conflict.

Most people would usually bite their tongue and just clean up after someone, secretly hoping that they get the message.

For one husband in Brisbane, Australia enough was enough - he could no longer tolerate his wife's bathroom habits

Her use of his hair products and razor, plus the odd discarded towel apparently gave him "Bathroom Surprise Anxiety."

To try and counteract her bathroom practices he laid out a very specific set of rules for her to abide by, which was shared by ABC Brisbane on Facebook.

It's a bit on the strong side in terms of language, but it does end with the message: "I love you very much - please change bathroom habits" so there may be some hope left.

Users on Facebook sympathised with the husband, but others felt that it was way too much. Maybe a chat would have sufficed?

Speaking to ABCKath Rose, the woman who received the letter admitted that she saw the funny side, but she felt it said something important about marriage.

It’s more a written warning, and I can put my hand on my heart and say it’s my first written warning from my current husband.  I’d like to think it’s my first and final.

He made a really important point about bathroom politics and marriages and how it’s important to be open about it and chat … about how you share bathrooms because it could really be a reflection of the marriage.

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