If male athletes were asked the same questions as female athletes

Sports - and sports journalism - can often be sexist. That much we know.

Whether it's comments on someone's appearance, interview questions about women's sex lives, or overreaching and inappropriate commentary, the scary part is that sports sexism is so commonplace we barely even notice it.

Which is why this video from new campaign #CoverTheAthlete is so brilliant.

Much like the Twitter account ManWhoHasItAll which gives men the same advice levelled at women in magazines, the video shows how absolutely ridiculous coverage of female sports stars sounds when it's directed at men.

The video edits real questions that have been sprung on female sports figures and dubs them over clips of male athletes, who react with embarrassment, bemusement, and hostility when asked:

You're getting a lot of fans here, a lot of them female, and they want to know if you could date anyone in the world, who would you date?

Give us a twirl!

How has your weight gain affected your mobility?

Any response to recent comments about your girlish figure?

Removing your body hair gives you an edge in the pool — how about your love life?

The campaign asks viewers to contact media organisations with the message: "When you cover a female athlete, we want you to cover her performance and abilities."

Amen to that.

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