Ikea is investigating the claim that one in 10 Europeans are conceived on its beds

It's rumoured that one in ten Europeans is conceived in an Ikea bed.

That’s a lot of babies, but where did this statistic come from?

No one is actually that sure – not even Ikea.

The statistic has been around for several years in some shape or form, with some outlets also claiming that one in five British children are conceived in an Ikea bed.

The New York Times most recently brought this figure to light in an article titled 'Ikea Forever', and many other media outlets have since reported it too.

While almost every one of them has quoted the New York Times as the source of the statistic, it’s not known where the number actually originated.

Ikea didn't have an immediate answer when contacted by Indy100, though they said that they would be “investigating” the claims.

What we do know is that roughly 884 million people visit Ikea every year, which could potentially equate to a lot of bed purchases. Whether it’s enough to conceive one in 10 Europeans remains to be seen…

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