In case you missed it, this Daily Express human rights law correction is spectacular

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Tuesday 29 September 2015 14:00

Another day, another Daily Express front page shouting about the evils of the European Union.

But tucked away inside Monday's paper was a quite staggering corrections notice the paper has been forced to issue over a story slamming European human rights law.

The article from August 19, headlined 'Look at the people who benefit from human rights law', contained the following claims:

  • Killer John Hirst had taken several cases to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR)

  • An Algerian "illegal immigrant" had used the court to overturn a child protection order

  • Claimant Cait Reilly had successfully argued that being forced to work in order to claim was an infringement of her human rights.

  • The UK government was ordered to pay the European Court of Human Rights £1.7million in 2013 alone

However, it may shock you to discover that every single point isn't true.

Human rights lawyer Shoaib M Khan complained to the newspaper about the outrageously inaccurate story. Yesterday the Daily Express removed the article from its website and issued both online and print corrections:

Turns out Hirst only bought one case to the ECtHR, the Algerian man in question didn't overturn a child protection order, Cat Reilly wasn't found to have had her human rights breached, and the UK actually paed the ECtHR £1.7million between 1998 - 2013.


It's worth pointing out that even the correction needs correcting: the Algerian man mentioned in the story isn't an "illegal immigrant" if he has the right to be in the UK.

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