The most popular places to take an Instagram picture, mapped

The most popular places to take an Instagram picture, mapped

In the age of 'pics or it didn't happen,' getting a few good shots for the 'gram can be as important as travelling itself.

Using the magic of the photosharing site, On The Go Tours have revealed the new wonders of the world... According to Instagramers.

The most grammed site in the world is unsurprisingly the Eiffel Tower. The hashtag #EiffelTower has been used across Instagram 3,411,588 times.

Second on the top 50 list is one of the most acclaimed monuments Great Britain has to offer, Big Ben, a hashtag that's been used 2,436,319 times.

London dominates the top 10, with the London Eye coming in fourth place and Tower Bridge in seventh. New York is the only other city with more than one landmark in the top 10 (Empire State Building in fifth and Statue of Liberty in eighth).

You can see the map, with the full top 50 here.

The top 10 were:

1) Eiffel Tower, Paris. #EiffelTower, used 3,411,588 times.

2) Big Ben, London. #BigBen, used 2,436,319 times.

3) Grand Canyon, Arizona. #GrandCanyon, used 1,938,482 times.

4) London Eye, London. #LondonEye

5) Empire State Building, New York City. #EmpireStateBuilding, used 1,578,349 times.

6) Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. #GoldenGateBridge used 1,572,846 times

7) Tower Bridge, London. #TowerBridge used 1,178,399 times.

8) Statue of Liberty, New York City. #StatueOfLiberty used 1,083,079 times.

9) Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. #SagradaFamilia used 929,310 times.

10) Colosseum, Rome. #Colosseum used 866,195.

Of course, this only shows pictures when people use the hashtag,people may upload pictures without the hashtag or different one (such as #eiffeltowerparis).

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