Insulate Britain protester storms off GMB following row with Richard Madeley

Insulate Britain protester storms off GMB following row with Richard Madeley

An Insulate Britain protester pulled a Piers Morgan and stormed off Good Morning Britain after clashing with host Richard Madeley about whether it is right for peaceful protesters to be jailed.

Liam Norton was invited on the show to discuss how Insulate Britain are calling on the government to take action on home insulation and have staged protests by blocking the M25 five times in the past week.

Yesterday (21st September), 38 people were arrested as they attempted to block the road for the fifth time, it comes as police warn protesters they are putting their own lives and others at risk with this stunt.

The National Highways have been granted an injunction today (21st September) which now means activists will face possible imprisonment once the injunction comes into effect, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said.

On GMB, hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley challenged Liam about the protests which led to an elderly woman being paralyzed from a stroke as a result of the roads being blocked, the woman’s son told LBC.

It was also revealed by fellow guest Dawn Neesom that Liam himself has not insulated in his own home.

But Susanna wasn’t going to let this slide as she shared her shock at this revelation, and Liam then asked her if she was aware of the costs involved.

“Just try not to be so patronising when you’re speaking to me,” Susanna warned calmly.

But it was Richard and Liam who were in heated loggerheads with each other before the protester decided enough was enough.

Liam got frustrated at the presenter talking over him and shouted: “Richard, it’s like I’m on repeat because you’re not listening!

“I am listening and I agree with you,” Richard hit back.

“Do you know how many MPs supported Winston Churchill in 1937? Six MPs supported him and Churchill was right wasn’t he?” Liam shouted.

“You’re comparing yourself to Winston Churchill?” Richard shouted back. “You’ve got your fingers in your ears, you just cannot see the reality of what you’re doing!”

“We are talking about the future of our country, and the future of our economy and you keep talking about hypothetical situations,” Liam replied.

“We’re right, we’re right okay? Richard, we have been writing letter for 30 years, we’ve been writing petitions for 30 years, we’ve been pleading with our Government for 30 years!

“And what we’re saying to the Government is this: ‘this is our line in the sand!’”

Liam continued: “We are demanding that the Government make a meaningful statement to save the future of this country and if they refuse to do it then they can put us in prison and that’s the Home Secretary’s decision.”

It was at this point that Liam decided he was done with the debate, as he stood up from his chair shouted: “I’m fed up of speaking to people in this country.”

This only amused Richard who laughed and said: “You’re gonna do a Piers!” (in reference to the time to Piers Morgan infamously stormed off the show back in March).

GMB viewers appeared to support Norton’s walkout while berating Madeley for talking over the protester.

Though some were not impressed with Norton’s interview at all.

While some couldn’t help but compare it with Piers Morgan’s infamous GMB walk-out.

The hosts then headed over to Lorraine Kelly to see what was coming up on the program, and Lorraine couldn’t help but comment on the tense exchange that just happened.

As Susanna greeted, Lorraine said: “Crikey,” in response to the incident.

“He lost the argument, didn’t he? As soon as he admitted he did not insulate his own property,” Lorraine added.

“Or, we are led to believe that. And when you walk out, you have lost the argument. You really have.

“It is such a shame, too, because it is so important.”

She then defended Susanna and said: “But he has gone down this crazy rabbit hole - it is just so sad, and also he was so patronising to you Susanna.

“So patronising. I was shouting at the telly!”

Susanna said: “The thing is, Lorraine. The crazy thing is that we all agree. We do. We all agree.

“Especially on a week like this week, with rising fuel bills.”

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