Insulate Britain member from that viral talkRadio clip said what happened was ‘really quite funny’

Insulate Britain member from that viral talkRadio clip said what happened was ‘really quite funny’

In a great reflection of the British media landscape, one of the biggest stories this week has revolved around a radio host claiming that you can “grow concrete.”

We’re, of course, talking about the viral clip from talkRadio where host Mike Graham argued with Insulate Britain spokesperson Cameron Ford that concrete was a sustainable material as it can be grown, just like trees.

The ever-so awkward exchange between the radio host has since been watched millions of times on Twitter and has resulted in Graham doubling down on his comments, claiming that he was using the word “grow” because concrete can expand.

Well, while this has all been a great bit of publicity for Graham, what about the other person in the clip?

In an interview with Unilad, Ford said that Graham “is just a bit of a moron that went out on a crusade to destroy me and fell off his horse in the process.”

Ford added that he felt Graham had set out to make him look “ridiculous” and that “they just sort of lie through their teeth for their agenda.”

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He also thought that Graham’s double down approach was “painful” to watch as “they’re so full of ego, so full of righteousness.”

Overall though, he felt that if the absurdity of the viral clip can help spread Insulate Britain’s message then it should be viewed as a positive.

“What happened is really quite funny, and it’s good if humour can help bring people to this issue of insulation and lies of the government. Great,” he said.

Ford went on to criticise the government’s building strategy, accusing it of not being in alignment with the figures that scientists have produced in order to massively cut back on C02 emissions over the next three to four years.

Insulate Britain’s most recent string of protests on the streets of London, which saw an elderly activist sprayed with ink, come just before the COP26 climate summit is due to start in Glasgow where numerous world leaders will gather in order to further commit to reducing emissions and tackle climate change.

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