The Internet is obsessed with this cat and it's easy to see why

Greg Evans
Monday 13 November 2017 10:30
Picture:(Instagram/gataquimera )

Cats basically own the Internet. Any video or picture of a cute feline will go viral. TRUE FACT.

Just look at this fine fellow. 25,000 retweets and counting.

Sadly, we have some bad news.

All of your cat-based memes and pictures are now null and void because there is a new ruler of the Internet cat empire.

Introducing Quimera from Argentina.

She is a rare genetic chimera, which means she is made up of the DNA of two fertilised eggs which have fused together to form one single organism.

The cells manage to keep their own character which result in a mix-up of tissue.

Don't worry, it' s perfectly fine.

We could delve further into the science of her genetic make-up - but just look at how gorgeous she is.

Her mosaic like fur and contrasting eye colour reminds us of David Bowie or Two Face from Batman.

Anyway, Quimera's unique look has made her a viral sensation.

Her owner has been uploading pictures and videos of her to Instagram since February 2016, when she was just a kitten.

Understandably, people cannot get enough.

She now has her own account that is updated regularly and has over 43,000 followers.

To be honest, we'd be happy to look at her all day.

The best thing about all of this is that she clearly knows that she is special and doesn't mind flaunting it.

Now all we need to know is where we can get one of our own - because this is too much to handle.

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