Irish Eurovision fans: Finally with Bambie Thug no one will give me condolences

Irish Eurovision fans: Finally with Bambie Thug no one will give me condolences
Irish entrant Bambie Thug (EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett)
PA Media - EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

Irish Eurovision Song Contest fans were elated by Bambie Thug becoming the first contestant from the country in four years to make the final.

The Cork-born singer achieved the feat with a witchy-infused staging of Doomsday Blue at the semi-final on Tuesday in Malmo, Sweden.

Following the show at the Malmo Arena, Cork-based couple Darren O’Connell and Julie McDommell, who have attended previous Eurovision events, gave their reaction to the PA news agency on how they felt the night had gone.

“It’s amazing, because the last couple of years everyone was like, you deserved it and they’re giving me condolences in the bathroom,” Ms McDommell said.

“But this year, it was amazing to go into the arena knowing we had a great chance, but Bambie Thug was incredible.”

The 29-year-old also said that Bambie succeeded as they are “unique and different for Ireland” as an alternative music performer, before adding: “They performed in such a unique way. It was… we were both there last night (at the rehearsal) and we both said they did amazing.”

Mr O’Connell said: “The last time (Ireland) qualified was in 2018 (with Ryan O’Shaughnessy), I was at the live show so it feels amazing to finally qualify after (six) years.”

The 32-year-old has previously attended Liverpool in 2023 when Sweden’s Loreen succeeded with Tattoo and Turin when Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra took home the trophy.

When asked if Ireland might exceed Sweden’s wins by getting to eight Eurovision trophies on Saturday, Mr O’Connell said: “Hopefully. There’s a lot of competition this year from Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, but it’s their best chance in a long time, so I really do hope so.”

He also said seeing the “king of Eurovision” and Irishman Johnny Logan paying tribute to his fellow double-winner Loreen by singing Euphoria was “great”.

Mr O’Connell said that he has tickets to see Bambie Thug in the rehearsals on Friday and “will pounce” on getting into the final on Saturday if more passes become available.

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