Ironically the UK now wants experts and academics, a poll says

Picture: Carl Court/Getty Images
Picture: Carl Court/Getty Images

"People in this country have had enough of experts."

These were the words of Leave campaigner Michael Gove in the Sky News debates prior to the EU referendum.

On June 24, it was announced that the UK had voted to leave the European Union, and shortly afterwards prime minister David Cameron announced his resignation.

Now, the UK is in a period of uncertainty, as the Conservative party is in the process of electing their next leader, the presumed prime minister, and the country is gearing up to negotiate leaving terms with the European Commission.

In addition, financial ramifications of Brexit have been felt after the pound fell to a 31 year low and the UK lost its top AAA credit rating.

YouGov Daily have asked respondents in an online poll who they trusted in times like this:

The message seems to be: "Please bring back the experts".

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