It's not appropriate for MPs to breastfeed in Commons, says Tory MP Simon Burns

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A Tory MP has warned that certain sections of the press would "ridicule" MPs if they voted to allow breastfeeding in the House of Commons chamber.

Simon Burns said during a Westminster Hall debate:

There is an appropriate time and place in which breastfeeding should take place, and I’m giving a word of caution.

We have to be careful that in pushing for a more realistic approach, we don’t give the tabloid press the opportunity to ridicule us.

Labour MP Jess Phillips had argued that the ban should be lifted to help encourage women into parliament, where more than two-thirds of MPs are men.

She said that women feel like they "are going to die" if they can't breastfeed their babies:

This place is not representative. All of the people today speaking who have caring responsibilities - be that children, elderly relatives or partners - have made that clear. When I leave this place I want to see 50/50 representation.

Argentinian politician Victoria Donda Perez was widely praised when a photo of her breastfeeding her daughter during a parliamentary session was widely shared online earlier this year.

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