This town in Italy has banned dogs from being ring bearers at weddings

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You've heard the saying 'every dog has its day' but not in this Italian town.

Gigliola Breviario, the mayor of Pontriolo Novo in northern Italy has put a stop to a seemingly innocent bit of fun at weddings in her town.

When a couple requested that two Bullmastiffs be the ring bearers at their wedding, Breviario argued that a special day like this should be taken seriously.

"Marriage is an important, serious thing," The Daily Mail quote Breviario as saying to the local newspaper Eco di Bergamo.

I would have been willing to accept dogs in the hall, on a leash and muzzled.

The politicians actions forced the couple to remove their three and four-year-old pets from the wedding guest list.

This has probably backfired in terms of income for the town as the couple are now seeking an alternative venue to the Pontirolo Nuovo town hall, preferably one that accepts dogs.

It's a real shame that they couldn't have taught their dogs this trick. That would have surely swayed her decision.

This type of scepticism towards dogs isn't uncommon in Italy.

Earlier this year animal rights activists protested against a church in Genzano, Rome demanding that their canine friends be treated like Christians.

The Mail reports that the priest at said church had told a member of his congregation to take her dog outside during service.

Police had to be called to deal with the protest which could result in two year prison sentences for the perpetrators, as disrupting worship is illegal in Italy.

It does make you wonder where all the dog love is though doesn't it?

It's not all doom and gloom for Italian dogs though as at least 92 percent of the population consider their pooches to be part of the family.

And whilst they aren't allowed to bear rings in a certain town hall, a court ruling in 2016 determined that in divorce cases, dogs should be treated like a child and not a piece of furniture.

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