This couple had the greatest idea for their wedding ever


Weddings are a celebration of love and all that nice stuff, but they’re also a chance to be creative and see your best ideas come alive. If you can’t live out your wackiest ideas, then what’s the point?

One couple in particular had the best idea for their wedding.

They told all their guests they were having a fancy dress party... But didn't mention the fact they were getting married too.

Twitter user Lexie wrote:

My parents invited all their friends & family to a costume party then when people got there they found out it was actually their wedding

She tweeted some hilarious photos of the guests:

Picture:Picture: @lexie_roessler

Picture:Picture: @lexie_roessler

One can only imagine how amazing the speeches were.

And this is their response to their daughter's tweet going viral:

Anyone else have parent envy?

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