Please allow these angry Italian mayors to explain why you shouldn't be unnecessarily going outside at the moment


Italy, as well as San Marino and the Vatican City, has been in lockdown since March 9, in order to stop the spread of coronavirus, which has already killed more than 5000 people in the country.

Unbelievably, despite the severity of the outbreak in the country, there are still some people who think it is ok to go outside and act like everything is ok.

Now, mayors of these towns and cities across Italy have become so irate at people fragrantly ignoring the regulations that they are sharing rants online to stop people from going outside.

Perhaps the best line from the video is the mayor who had to tell someone that he wasn't 'Will Smith in I Am Legend'

I saw a fellow citizen amiably jog up and down the street, accompanied by a dog that was visibly worn out. I stopped and told him, ‘Look, this isn’t a film. You are not Will Smith in I Am Legend. So, you have to go home.

Another drops a full-blown f-bomb, when voicing his frustrations.

Where the fuck are you all going? You and your dogs … which must have an inflamed prostrate?

The short video has now been shared on Twitter and people cannot get enough of it and are hoping that other political figures can follow suit.

Italy has confirmed more than 59,000 cases since the virus arrived in the country on 31 January. More than 7000 people have recovered who contracted coronavirus, in that time.

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