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Ivanka Trump

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Like most politicians and politics-adjacent people, Ivanka Trump fired off a nice little festive tweet for us all on Christmas Day.

Trump, who still currently serves as an advisor to the president (her dad), converted to Judaism when she married her husband Jared Kushner, but sent out a festive picture anyway to celebrate the holiday.

The photo is pretty standard. It shows Ivanka, Kusher and their three children, along with Donald Trump, smiling in front of a White House Christmas tree. The caption simply read: “Merry Christmas!” – what could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, the tweet was flooded with responses from people who highlighted how the less privileged have had their Christmases impacted by her father’s policies.

Some people referenced the controversial 2018 immigration policy which led to children being separated from their parents, hundreds of whom are allegedly yet to be reunited and potentially kept in what has been described as “cages" (the so-called cages were actually built during the Obama administration, although Biden has since repeatedly denounced their use).

Others brought up the controversial $900bn Covid relief package which would offer financial support to millions of Americans. It has been approved by Congress after a drawn-out negotiation process between Democrats and Republicans, but has yet to be signed by the president. As a resault, it cannot be put into effect, leaving many without the stimulus checks they desperately needed to make ends meet.

Others just used the opportunity to troll the president, who continues to insist that he actually won the election.

Many pointed out that Melania Trump was oddly absent from the family portrait, and used it as an opportunity to bring up that awkward leaked phone recording

All round, it seemed the Christmas cheer Ivanka was hoping for really didn’t really go to plan.

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