A gust of wind has turned Ivanka Trump's dress into a hilarious meme


Ivanka Trump is currently on an official visit to Colombia where she sported a new short haircut and a bold green dress, which mother nature inadvertently turned into a meme.

When meeting the country's vice president Marta Lucia Ramirez and the defense minister, Guillermo Botero in Bogota on Monday, her $1,650 outfit, which was designed by Johanna Ortiz, turned into some sort of plant thanks to a gust of wind.

As the breeze picked up, so did her large sleeves, making it look like she was wearing some sort of cabbage. It wasn't the strongest look that the president's daughter has ever pulled off.

Given her lack of popularity online, Ivanka found herself becoming a meme, with many making references to pop culture and horticulture.

According to the Huffington Post, the dress is called 'Follow the Drums' and Ortiz, the designer, is Colombian, so there was a precedent for wearing it but we doubt that either of them anticipated the weather having such a hilarious impact on the garment.

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