Ivanka Trump's post about her family's camping trip backfired badly

Jacquelyn Martin/ AP/ Ivanka Trump/ Twitter

Ivanka Trump took to social media over the weekend to show off her camping trip with her family.

Donald Trump’s daughter and adviser posted photos of herself with her husband and two children to Instagram and Twitter, as well as Instagram stories of the group grilling hot dogs.

The comments on social media point out the hypocrisy of Ivanka enjoying family time while other families are separated and locked up in border detention centres in the US.

Under a photo of herself with her children captioned “Sunday morning vibes ️ We go together like campfire and marshmallows! #camping”, one user commented “Wow Ivankatrump - those children your Daddy put in cages would love a nice comfy pillow to sleep on - much less a toothbrush, ability to take a bath, and decent food to eat.”

The comment sparked debate, with other users calling the comment “fake news”, and one saying: “get your facts straight the one that had families in cages was Obama this administration has the state of the art facilities. Providing them with everything they need which really is not obligated to because they chose to come here illegally”.

Ivanka’s post to Twitter provoked a similar backlash, with one commenting “Wow, they look so happy to not be in cages and denied basic hygiene.”

Undeterred, she also posted a photo of herself in nature with the caption “where the wild things are”, which led to many commenting on her hypocrisy while her father is still denying climate change.

“Umm since you seem to like nature could you tell daddy to leave our endangered species alone, and lay off the bees, he’s taking it a little far to get even with one eagle,” said one, with many others commenting photos of her brothers hunting wild animals.

While the photos did provoke some backlash, naturally, Ivanka still had more than her fair share of supporters fighting her corner.

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