Ivanka Trump criticised for 'tone deaf' comment about her father and husband's dance moves

Ross D. Franklin/AP/Twitter/Screengrab

Ivanka Trump has been criticised for encouraging her husband to dance to the YMCA.

Jared Kushner was spotted clapping along to The Village People song at a Trump rally in Wisconsin.

He was gently reproached by Trump, who described his lack of dance moves as a "party foul".

But, as people were quick to point out, nobody should really be partying or dancing in huge crowds during a pandemic. And particularly not in the presence of the very person whose job it is to try to mitigate that pandemic's effects.

Recently, Trump has blasted 'Y.M.C.A.' and 'Macho Man' all around his campaign trail.

Since recovering from coronavirus, he has celebrated his "immunity" with cringe-worthy Dad dancing. (It doesn't seem to matter to Trump that it is possible to catch coronavirus more than once.)

Ivanka also joined in on this admitting that she 'loves it' despite not realising that some of these memes are mocking the president.

Nobody has any idea why.

But The Village People have tried to put a stop to it, with frontman Victor Willis calling on the president to retire their songs.

Whatever Trump's reasoning, it's pretty offensive that he appropriated an iconic LGBTQ+ anthem and danced along to it as more Americans die from coronavirus.

That's not behaviour Ivanka Trump, or anyone else should be encouraging.

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