Ivanka Trump/Twitter

On Wednesday, the president's eldest daughter Ivanka Trump shared pictures of herself on a Zoom call while she spoke to members of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board.

She revealed that they had "learned about exciting, new and innovative platforms the private sector has created to upskill and reskill our Nation’s workforce!"

So far, so normal at least in the world of a Trump. However, if you look a little closer, things aren't that normal at all.

For starters what is going on with the picture frames on the table behind her? Why are there so many and why are they mostly of her?

It would appear that she picked up this habit from somebody else...

Secondly, why is the president's daughter who works in the White House using a laptop that looks to be about 20 years old and why is she using book to prop up the laptop rather than an actual stand?

Trump fans also noticed that she has a picture of an entirely red America which isn't problematic at all.

Still, if it wasn't for her father, who has claimed he would have done 'nothing different' to stop the pandemic, then Ivanka probably wouldn't have to be working from home.

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