Watch Jacinda Ardern learn to make a DIY face covering in under 5 minutes

Watch Jacinda Ardern learn to make a DIY face covering in under 5 minutes

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has been praised by people all over the world after she posted a video of herself making a face mask on her Instagram.

Ardern’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has won her a lot of fans – from the early lockdown to the careful communication with the public. A recent rise in infections in the country sent many parts back into lockdown, and Ardern has started to roll out masks in public places, such as public transport.

During a chat with community health leader Dave Letele, she pointed out the importance of a face covering, but also emphasised that a mask didn’t have to be the expensive kind, or one that would be super complicated. She was having a conversation with Letele about health and politics within New Zealand during an Instagram live.

She used a patch of red fabric, scissors and elastic hair ties to make a simple mask that she then wore for the camera.

In her post on social media, Ardern said that she had viewed some other demonstrations of how to make your own face mask and wanted to attempt it at home.

People were big fans – and pointed out how reassuring it was to have someone who knew what they were doing in charge.

In the comments on her Facebook and social media posts, people pointed out that it was reassuring to have a prime minister who was compassionate and understood why people were worried,.

Ardern was surprisingly good at the mask making – considering that it was her first time crafting. But she did add that would be pulling out a glitter gun later.

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