Jack Monroe had the perfect response to man who suggested those on the breadline could live on cheap pasta

Jack Monroe had the perfect response to man who suggested those on the breadline could live on cheap pasta
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Writer and poverty campaigner Jack Monroe had the best response to someone who suggested those on the breadline should just eat budget pasta.

“Politics enthusiast” Kevin Edger retweeted a BBC article in which a nurse and mum-of-three tells of how she skips meals to feed her children.

The Tory supporter reshared it along with the message: “Yet you can buy a big bag of dried pasta, that would feed a family, for about £0.50p….

“If you shop and cook properly, you can eat healthy meals really cheaply.”

He added: “I would love to see how she spends her salary…”

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Monroe spotted the tweet and defended the nurse.

She highlighted that a 500g bag of budget pasta can be bought for 29p, which could make five meals of 100g of plain pasta. But that’s with no butter, salt, sauce, or nutrition, and just 155 calories.

“That’s only 456 calories a day, but hey, it’s not like nursing is physically demanding, on your feet all day, shift work, is it?” she tweeted.

“Operating at a deficit of 1,544 calories a day is perfectly sustainable in your head, right? I sure hope so, because I’ve got a challenge for you pal!”

She then suggested he grab three bags of budget pasta and attempt to make 15 meals out of it over the next five days, with no butter, oil, pepper, sauce, snacks, or other meals.

“No tea, no coffee, no squash, no energy drinks, just this MAGIC PASTA that you think is the answer to everything.

Monroe had a thing or two to say after the social media user made the claimGetty/iStock

“Come back to me on Wednesday and let me know how things are working out for you. “

She continued: “All these absolute wet wipes in your replies saying how EASY it is to cook healthy meals on a budget - pals I’ve been waiting 10 years now for someone else to come along and help take some of the weight off my shoulders here, and yet here I am, working 100+ hours a week helping people like Rebecca day after day, while people like you sit in your comfy lives telling us all how you’d be so much better at being poor than we are.


“Show us all how it’s done and I look FORWARD to your bestselling cookbook on the subject. Best of luck!”

Monroe was praised for her fantastic rebuttal, with one Twitter user suggesting she should be knighted.

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