Does Jackie Weaver have the authority? Twitter’s alternative Census questions

Census Day 2021
Census Day 2021
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Social media users came up with their own alternative Census questions as households across the UK took part in the 2021 survey.

The once-in-a-decade snapshot of life across EnglandWales and Northern Ireland obliges Britons to provide information about their health, education, employment status and more.

Tongue-in-cheek queries fabricated by social media users are unlikely to feature on any future questionnaires, but they gave people a good laugh as they filled in the form on Sunday.

“How many carrier bags do you have under the sink?”, one Twitter user suggested as a potential question.

Other popular lines of inquiry followed a musical theme – the Buzzcocks have been asking this for years:

With video conferencing becoming the norm in the last 12 months, the mute button has been a perennial thorn in the UK’s side.

Other users played on regional disparities and questions of etiquette:

Meanwhile domestic knowledge was put to the test by this social media user.

But the last word goes, as it has done so often in recent times, goes to the nation’s hero Jackie Weaver:

Surely there can be only one answer to that particular question...

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