“I am my brother’s keeper.”

These words said by Jacob Blake sister’s stopped everyone in their tracks as she began to deliver a powerful speech in the aftermath of the shooting of her brother by police.

And when you say the name Jacob Blake, make sure you say father, make sure you say cousin, make sure you say son, make sure you say uncle, but mostly importantly you say human.

"So many people have reached out to me saying they're sorry that this has been happening to my family. Well don't be sorry because this has been happening to my family for a long time, longer than I can account for," Letetra Widman said at a press conference on Tuesday. "It happened to Emmett Till, Emmett Till is my family. It happened to Philando, Mike Brown, Sandra."

"I don't want your pity," Widman said. "I want change."

"Jacob Blake’s sister *did* that," @ArlanWasHere tweeted as the video she posted of Widman went viral. Others commended her emotional strength and her power as an orator saying, the "talk she gave is better than any speech I’ve heard from any politician."

Blake's three sisters, his father and his mother spoke Tuesday, the day the 29-year-old Black man underwent surgery for the close-range gunshot wounds as he tried to enter his car after breaking up a fight, according to family attorney Benjamin Crump.

Blake was shot seven times on Sunday which has left him paralysed, according to his father and his lawyer.

"They shot my son seven times, seven times. Like he didn't matter. But my son matters. He's a human being and he matters," his father, Jacob Blake, Sr., said at the same press conference.

Widman and the rest of family spoke as unrest erupted in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which as of Wednesday have been ongoing for three days and the governor has declared a state of emergency.

This all comes in the context of a larger Black Lives Matter resurgence after the death of George Floyd in May at the hands of police, and protests over seemingly unending police violence in America, especially towards unarmed Black men.

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